Savannah Snead

Welcome In

WELCOME IN ESSAY: 01/10/2023

Through conversation and reflection, I have come to understand that my muse does not currently exist within this dimension. I do not find inspiration in the bodies I see walking down the runway, or the faces looking down at me within advertisements hanging over Oxford Circus.
I draw a similar blank when asked to think of a “favourite place” or “ideal city”.

Seeking identity through reflection of what all of this means, my creature, my deity if you will, has started to come into focus. I seek a being that I can look to without sexuality, conventional beauty, judgement, or jealousy. I wish to manifest a “dreamscape” into a physical, or at least visual dimension to act as a landscape in which my muse can thrive. A place for a congregation to assemble and worship the ideals of the above mentioned deity.

When one sets foot into a church or similar building dedicated to religion, you can’t help but feel a shift in energy. Sacredness is present within the walls of a church. There is a sense of AWE. MAGNIFICENCE. This isn’t just born, it's curated through the context of the space, the choice of architecture, the artwork within the walls, and the events that take place within the space. I wish to curate a similar energy cultivation but within a new context.

I propose a dimension. A building, for now, that houses the beliefs of my deity and its followers. I volunteer as the first of the flock to honour and worship the principals of this dimension.

My odyssey that is the formulation of said energy shift starts here, for my own development, as well as what I can only imagine lies in the hearts of many others.
Won’t you join me in this dimension? All are welcome. Welcome home. Welcome in.